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My art story goes, it was about 1970, while I was serving in the U.S. Air Force, I picked up an airbrush for artAJ Miller imagework on motorcycles. It was then, that I contracted a passion to create, and the hope for a future in art. That was the beginning of my studies to become ever stronger in the skills of drawing and painting. The need to create and grow led to formal art school at The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. The GI bill helped to fund my studies. After two years of classes and some part time apprentice opportunities, I was hired out of school into a top national art studio.
(top) pantherThat was a studio for advertising art, commercial art, mechanical illustration... deep in the pressure of deadlines. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by great seasoned mechanical illustrators. In the commercial field, the challenges of producing quality on deadline are intense. The personalities flared under the pressure of the changes and the deadlines. So, there was plenty of entertainmet.
Today, I create most of my artwork on the computer. I have become very comfortable with the digital media of Photoshop and Illustrator. I also have enjoyed using HTML, Dreamweaver, Painter, Flash, InDesign, MAYA 3D and Premiere Pro.
Some projects still call for the use of paint on board, canvas, or 3-D props. Airbrush is still my favorite favorite tool for painting. Fine Art paintings, life drawing and caricature sketching are opportunities to usecityfantasy-detail inks, pastels, and watercolor for their own special look.
I continue to exhibit my work with fine artists. In 2008, I won a Gold Medal for my Acrylic painting "City Fantasy 2, Turn It Up" in the National Verterans Creative Arts Festival.

The Graphic Artists Guild
has been the most informative for influences in legal and professional issues during my career.
Knowledge of
© copyrights law is so important in art as a business. Most artists don't want to be bothered with the legal issues. Maybe you are an artist and also felt it was a bother. But, artists educating themselves as well as their business contacts can help us all.
elephant stampede
Note: This website began way back in 1999 as a sample show place for mywork within a learning adventure for me. The art and the copy will change at any time. Please enjoy my artwork here and refer my site to those would may be able to use my services.
All of these images are from my original artwork
. No reproduction rights are transferred without a contract with me, A.J. Miller, and payment of an agreed fee.
blank nude in recline
Let the show begin. Be sure to check my prints. I am now offering an archival museum quality Giclee print of my "Aquarium", City Fantasy 1 and City Fantasy 2. The images that you see on this website come from my original paintings. Many of my originals are available for purchase.
Please call for prices and availability of original paintings.
Reproduction rights for many of my artwork are available and can be purchased for a fee.

Special Thanks to super artist Ken Graning, my friend, mentor and influence since 1976.
Visit Ken's site

Special Thanks to Bob Lever. I was very fortunate that Bob (Mac Tech) was my neighbor at the very time I bought my first computer. His help has been instrumental in the success of my first publishing this site in 1999. He also put up with my many computers frustrations in those early years of this learning adventure. Thank You, Bob. That was a bigger job than anyone would ever want.

Special Thanks to all those who have believed in me and have been patient enough to help me grow.
I know I can be a lot to put up with. I can only hope that they will feel that I was worth the extra work.